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Vacant Home insurance

Protecting Your Uninhabited Holdings


Why do I Need Vacant Home Insurance?

Vacant Home Insurance is designed to insure residential property that you own or have a financial interest in, but do not live in and is current vacant or unoccupied. Common situations calling for this type of standard insurance coverage include homes that are vacant because they are temporarily uninhabitable (renovations), or properties that are not currently occupied because of a transition caused by a sale, estate or relocation. In these situations insurance protection is needed for the building but typically not for any contents or personal property. Liability insurance for the property can either be added or may be handled through alternative approaches.

Did You

  • Inherit estate property?

  • Buy a property that needs to be renovated

HAS Your

  • Home been unoccupied for more than 30 days?

We can help you find the best coverage options for your personal needs. We offer many options beyond standard coverage. If you need any help with the above questions - call us at 513-527-2200. Or view the FAQ’s below.

Vacant Home Insurance FAQ’s

Question #1

How long until my house is considered vacant?

A homeowners policy, vacancy exclusions will remove coverage for vandalism, building glass breakage, water damage, theft or attempted theft if the damage occurs within 30 or 60 days (depending on your policy) of the home being vacant. Coverage for standard perils such as fire and wind remain intact, but could be limited (depending on your policy).

Question #2

What is the difference between unoccupied and vacant?

An “unoccupied” home is one that is ready to be used as a residence, meaning that there is furniture in place and utilities are set up. On the other hand, a “vacant” house typically doesn’t have any personal property contained within it. 


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