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Mobile Home Insurance

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Why do I Need Mobile Home Insurance?

A mobile, manufactured or prefab home is just that – a home. It is where you rest your head at night and relax with your family. Though it is made differently than other permanent residential structures, it is still home to you, and it is an asset worth protecting.

Mobile homes tend to depreciate in value over time, so you will need a different type of insurance coverage than a more standard homeowners policy.

We can help you find the best coverage options for your personal needs. We offer many options beyond standard coverage. If you need any help with the above questions - call us at 513-527-2200. Or view the FAQ’s below.

Mobile Home Insurance FAQ’s

Question #1

What is the difference between Mobile Home and Modular Home?

Both mobile (also called manufactured) and modular homes are built in a factory rather than on a construction site. Mobile homes rest on a movable chassis and never include more than a single level. Modular homes can have multiple stories and sit on a foundation similar to traditional houses.

The distinction between the two home types can affect your insurance choices. Some companies may have you insure a modular home with a traditional homeowners policy rather than mobile home insurance.

Question #2

Mobile Home or Standard Home?

As far as included coverage is concerned, mobile home and regular homeowner's policies are virtually the same. Both types of policies cover the dwelling itself for a determined amount, allow a particular amount for personal property, offer some degree of liability coverage, and have a deductible.

When you purchase a mobile home insurance policy, you may be offered some coverage’s you've never heard of before. One of the biggest differences in standard homes and mobile homes is the fact that a mobile home could potentially move to a different location at some point in the future. Since this isn't something that can occur with a standard home, insurance companies created a special optional coverage for their mobile home customers to give them the coverage they need for a diverse number of situations.


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